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Sunrise Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale from Indiana Yorkie dog breeder 
Sunrise Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale from Indiana Yorkie dog breeder 

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Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Supplies Needed

This is my list of the basic necessities for your new yorkie puppy.  Your trainer may have additional items, as there are many other helpful and fun products available.     

Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food and healthy treats (Eukanuba and Pro Plan have several types).

A copy of Jan Fennel's book or DVD of "The Dog Listener".  It is a must read/watch for any of my puppy's new owners.  If you only read one thing-be sure this is it.  Here is a link to Jan's site where the book or DVD can be purchased www.janfennellthedoglistener.com.    

Stainless-steel non-tipping food and water bowls (won't break or absorb odors). 

I.D. Tags with the contact information for yourself and your veterinarian.   

A “breakaway” collar and a 6-foot retractable leash   

A wire crate (aprox. 18 x 24 in. in size) for training purposes at home.

Dog shampoo toothbrush and paste

Brushes and combs (a slicker brush will take out tangles in short hair, a toothed comb is needed to get deep into the coat to get the hidden tangles out).

Cleanup supplies such as a stain remover, paper towels, deodorizing spray (Natures Miracle is a good one)   

Chew Toys, nail clippers

An exercise pen for assistance in crate training (I recommend placing your yorkie puppy in the pen in a place where you want your yorkie puppy to potty for life.  When you take your yorkie puppy outside, carry him and place him in the pen so your yorkie puppy doesn’t go anywhere else.  Do this for a week or two and that will become his primary restroom.)  Another recommendation is to place your pen somewhere in mulch or someplace not in the grass so you do not have to clean the spot every time you mow in the summertime. These exercise pens are a necessity and can be found at Pet Edge (link shown below).

California Pet Sitters

Find a pet sitter search them by zip code. You can click on Find a Pet Sitter to search local pet sitters by zip code.

www.ecomall.com Dog Bath Tubs - Do It Yourself Dog Bath! Ideal for travel, easy to erect and empty. A collapsible polyester dog bath, with collar to secure dog while bathing.
www.kellaclips.com Custom made collars and accessories.
www.petedge.com  My all time favorite spot to shop for puppy supplies.  Reasonable prices.  Specializes in groomer's supplies, toys, crates and exercise pets.
www.lambriarvet.com  Lambriar carries animal health products.  
www.jefferspet.com  Jeffers is an online pet supply store that carries, among other things, toys, beds and treats.
www.omahasteaks.com  Treats 
www.animalwrappers.com  Dog clothes
www.solopetdoors.com  Doggie doors
www.halepetdoor.com  Doggie doors
www.pawsitivelyposh.com  Beds and bedding.
www.cycletote.com  Bikes and strollers for Yorkies.
www.carealotpets.com  Pet Supply Warehouse.
www.petpouch.com  Hands free pet carriers.
www.roverpet.com  Rover Co.  Enclosures, Pet Gates and Beds.
www.elmoscloset.com  Fashion Collars and Leads for every Yorkie.
www.sherpapet.com  Carriers for the pet on-the-go.
www.handsnpaws.com  Yorkie clothes and carriers.
www.midnightpass.com  Strollers, pet Murphy Beds, carriers, bike baskets.
www.flyingpanda.com  Treats, dog themed gifts.
www.gwlittle.com  Clothing for little Yorkies.
www.moderntails.com  Pet Boutique
www.cdpets.com  Pet Steps
Pet Supply Service

www.PetSitting10.com is a directory of companies or individuals that provide pet sitting and other pet related services. You can search for a pet sitting service simply by entering your zip code.


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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies  |  Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale in Illinois  |  Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale
Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale in Texas  |  Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Illinois

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