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Sunrise Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale from Indiana dog breeder
Sunrise Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale from Indiana Yorkie breeder

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Our beautiful yorkie puppies for sale in Illinois have joined many families in our homes state of Illinois.  Keep visiting our website!  Send photos and comments of your experience with our yorkie puppies and how they have blessed your Illinois family.  Hopefully other individuals in Illinois will find our yorkshire terrier puppies for sale in Illinois and will add them to their Illinois family also!  We are happy to set up appointments for anyone to come and meet our yorkie puppies for sale in Illinois!

We also have quite a few people looking for yorkie puppies for sale in Indiana who have adopted yorkie puppies.  Our yorkie puppies are now living in Indiana with their forever families.  It has been a joy to meet the people from Indiana that have made the trip to our home in Illinois to purchase their yorkie puppy for sale.  Since Indiana is our neighboring state, most people from Indiana have either been able to make the drive to purchase their yorkie puppy for sale, or we have been able to meet them part way to deliver their yorkie puppy to Indiana for them.  A delivery fee would be applied for this.

Sunrise Yorkie Puppies for Sale

Welcome!  Thank you for inquiring about our AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale.  You are welcome to browse through our website, view our yorkie puppies for sale, and stay as long as you like.  If there is anything you need, call or email us.


Our yorkie puppies come with a written one-year health guarantee, will be current on all vaccinations, and receive the best of preventative “well-puppy” care before they go to their new homes.  Our yorkie puppies for sale are family raised with lots of love, are very well socialized, and love people. 


We live in the heart of Illinois farming country.  Our Yorkshire Terrier puppies as well as our children enjoy our quite rural setting. We are located near Fairbury, IL.


You are welcome to come visit our yorkie puppies for sale and their parents.  Please call us to make an appointment.  (No Sunday visits, please.)



 Sawyer and Dixie are doing fantastic.  They are still 2 of the very best puppies we have ever owned.  They have the sweetest personalities and are very smart and well behaved!!  We have been working on their training and they are doing very well.  They were neutered today.  Needless to say [our yorkie puppies] are not very happy tonight.  They are still on the tiny side.  Sawyer weighs 4.9 and little Dixie is still at 3.3.  They have not grown at all since their last appointment!  The vet says they do not look unhealthy or skinny.  They are just going to be small and that is fine with us.  We were hoping they would stay small.  [Our yorkie puppies] are perfect.  Not more bickering at all!!!  And even Jack has fallen for them.  All is well!!  Hope your family is well also.


Thanks again and again!!!



The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

In the dawn of the 19th century, the Yorkshire Terrier, otherwise known as the Yorkie, was being developed by Scottish weavers who later migrated to England and settled in the Yorkshire area. The Yorkie was initially bred to catch and kill small vermin in their underground dens. It was first registered as a purebred in 1885 and today is one of the most popular breeds of dogs. This intelligent breed comes with a big dog heart and courage, and is glad to act as a watchdog for its owner. The Yorkie needs to be treated like the dog it is, rather than just an adorable toy dog with a pretty coat. They are determined, feisty, and are very curious about the world around them. The Yorkie breed is long lived and healthy, with an expected life span of 12-15 years.

All Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born with black and tan markings. As the Yorkie puppy matures, their coats turn to steel blue and gold. Since the Yorkie has hair rather than fur, they are non-shedding and a low-allergy dog. The traditional Yorkshire Terrier has long, silky blue and gold hair that is brushed straight down across its back, while the hair on top of its head is bunched in a topknot with a bow. A Yorkie needs to have regular grooming and a variety of hairstyles, either short or long, can be selected for this elegant breed.

Since the Yorkie is small, they do not need much room to run. They are well suited for small living spaces and can be potty trained to a potty pad, litter box, or outside. They are people dogs and accustom themselves easily to household routines. The exercise a Yorkie gets inside the house is sufficient, although a walk or trip to the park is something they always enjoy.


Care should be taken with Yorkies and very young children. Since Yorkies are small, they could be injured with rough handling. This is especially important with Yorkies puppies or with adult Yorkies who are very small. A larger Yorkie puppy or adult would be preferred for a family with young children.  

According to the AKC Yorkie breed standard the ideal weight for an adult show dog is less than 7 pounds. We do not use the terminology "teacup Yorkie puppy" or "toy Yorkie puppy" when describing unusually tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppies, per the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America's guidelines.  This terminology is ambiguous and can be very misleading to one wishing to purchase a tiny Yorkie puppy.

New York has shown up as a state that has a large interest in yorkie puppies for sale too.  We would love to have some more of our yorkie puppies for sale living in New York some day!  I know New York would be quite a drive for people to make, but we would be delighted to meet you if you would like to make the trip from New York to Illinois.  If New York is too far away, we understand!  We would be happy to send extra photos or video clips of our yorkie puppies for sale to anyone from New York (or anywhere!) that would like to see our yorkie puppies in action before adopting them. 

 Hand delivery is  available for an additional fee.

The intelligent Yorkie breed is great just as a companion dog. However, they can also be trained for many different uses as service dogs. For the owners who wish to compete with their Yorkies, obedience events, agility or flyball competition are available in many parts of the country.

Yorkshire Terriers dogs are well suited for people of all ages.  The wag of a friendly tail and the offering of a paw can bring sunshine into any heart. The brave-hearted Yorkie with its self-assured, important manner could fit into any home where a dog with a lot of spirit is desired. This lively dog will weave its way straight into your heart.








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